Parts of a patio Parts of a patio standard post to beam bracket 175407322 Standard post base on slab 175407323 Stucco removed for ledger 175407324 Small post to beam bracket 175407325 Rafters into roof and H2.5 bracket 175407326 175407327 T1-11 Siding Made to look like lapboard it is beautiful and cheaper than hanging drywall. 175407328 175407329 These are standard fancy ends 175407330 T1-11 used as soffit 175407331 Trusses 175407332 Footings Footings are typically $75 in the open 175407333 OSB sheeting and Rafter brackets 175407334 Old fashioned notch work 175407335 An inside corner 175407336 Wrought iron brackets A very nice upgrade 175407337 Bird Boards 175407338 Shade pattern of typical 1x2 tattice 175407339 Footing in pavers This was a wet pour post base installed the proper way for pavers 175407340 This is a 45'd and beveled beam 175407341 No more cornice 175407342 Post ready for stucco 175407343 Rafters sit on top of wall just like in new construction. 175407344 Header beam above a door. 175407345